To establish an apex organization for the multifarious activities of the society, namely :

Promotion of Art & culture, Development of Education and Employment in its complete perspective as it exists today and as it is expects to develop in the future, Develop friendly atmosphere, Promote Health care by developing Indian and internationally established medi-care activities, Initiate a feeling of belongingness in the Citizens of Delhi with regard to various activities of social Welfare taken up by its various departments, Promote humanly support for social causes, Promote all such programmes which this society feels necessary from time-to-time.

To open centres in and around Delhi for implementing the objectives of the society.

To organize symposium, debate, Programme, etc at the appropriate levels.

To create a sense of co-operation, brotherhood in the society for its betterment.

To organize National Tours/Camps for youth, women and other target Groups for the propagation of the objectives of the society.

To establish, run and continue the centres for imparting education for promotion of art and culture, consumer protection, promoting Ecological and environmental activities, drug de-addiction, disaster Management, run mobile dispensaries, Clinics providing free medical Facilities, medicines, etc, for the promotion of different activities of the society.

To publish books, maps, charts, journal, magazines, periodical Newsletters, etc in Multilanguageā€™s for the propagation and development of the objectives of the society.

To make correspondence in a lawful manner, to arrange meeting Conference, seminars in collaboration with the concerned Govt./Semi Govt./NGOs/Civil authorities engaged in achieving the similar Objectives as that of this society.

To co-operate, federate itself with any other organization having Similar aims and objectives.

To work for the upliftment of the poor and needy persons of the Society.

To help and honour the artists and literary personalities.

To uplift and help the needy students and workers of the society.

To establish international network of organizations engaged in Similar activities.

Establish cultural centre including construction of building and to maintenance and running.

We call upon you as a conscious citizens to be a member of UDISHA and contribute your bit for over-all development of the society. WE can assure you you will not only enjoy working with UDISHA but this association will bring out the potential and talent hidden within you and give you an opportunity for your personal development also.

You are most welcome to contact any of our office bearers for the information and joining the organization.