International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW)
The International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) is a non-governmental organization focused on advocacy, knowledge-building and technical assistance projects in various areas of social development carried out at the country level and internationally.
Created in 1928 in Paris to address complexities and challenges of social work, the ICSW has evolved through the years to embrace the major issues of social development, becoming a global organization committed to improving human well-being. Establishing common ground on issues of international significance, and acting with partners ICSW represents national and local organizations in more than 70 countries throughout the world working through its nine regional networks. Membership also includes major international organizations. By virtue of its constitution, ICSW operates as a democratic and accountable organization.
Reduction of hardship and vulnerability, especially amongst disadvantaged sectors of the population is the priority concern of ICSW. Representing tens of thousands of community organizations working directly with people facing poverty and serious deprivation, our network helps vulnerable groups to cope with risks and challenges of life. As a contemporary umbrella organization ICSW works to empower it members to participate fully in society as responsible citizens, with a greater civic voice and capacity to achieve meaningful results. We work in partnership with other civil society organizations, with government structures, with the academic community and international organizations to make our vision a reality.
Upholding dignity of all—young people, older people, people with disabilities, migrants and refugees, indigenous people– is a paramount driver of our activities. ICSW strives for recognition and realization of all human rights, including fundamental rights to employment, income, food, shelter, education, health care and security. We are keen to promote gender equality and empowerment of women of all ages considering it a vital element of our activities.
Social Protection
ICSW has a particular focus on promoting social protection, seeing it as a human right and an investment in people. The ICSW continues to support the development and implementation of the Social Protection Floor Initiative, emphasizing the importance of a universal approach to social protection covering all social groups across the life cycle. We are the founding members of the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors and actively participate in major international cooperation meetings to promote social protection initiatives and most effective schemes across the globe.
Udisha remained member of ICSW for a few years. Our Founder President, Mr Rakesh Gaur, presented a paper in 2010 Joint World Conference on Social Work and Social Development held in Hongkong. The conference was jointly organized by ICSW with two other organizations. We are considering to revive our membership with ICSW.